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Hello again,
I couldn't find a thread referring to this, so I might as well make one where we can discuss this properly.

Being a sucker for roleplaying, I always tend to build up an extensive background on my party as soon as the game starts. I wear certain equipment on city areas for roleplaying purposes, refuse to take in certain characters according to my allignment: the works.
However, I wish PoE had a little feature implemented that could make all this roleplaying much more easy and inmersive: A second equipment tab for clothing.
Much like in other installments, this tab would have no effect on the character aside from pure cosmetics and would allow players to roam the world dressed in fine Vailian shirts or flamboyant hats that have no space in combat (rags are okay too, just keep it clean, you filthy barbarian :yes: ).
PoE already has such an interesting variety of clothing options and cosmetic features that the addition of this tiny feature would bolster its roleplaying potetial through the roof.
Also, body gestures and interactions similar to those in NWN 1 would be nice, but I get that's too much to ask.

Waiting to see your feedback on this one!


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-The pattern is woven, let us tear right through it.   
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I don't use it myself, but I think IEMod allows for changing models in-game? Someone will probably know.



It looks more like editing current models rather than choosing to wear clothing instead of a bulky platemail for a visit to the Palace.

Plus, if the tab were to be implemented ingame, cosmetic mods could be built around it to add even more colour to the PoE world!

Thanks for the link, though, will definetely check it out.


-The pattern is woven, let us tear right through it.   
                                                                              Duthar the Cipher


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