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This game is so much fun! *spoilers*

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I was getting my butt kicked when first entering lighthouse in Defiance Bay (hard difficulty) since last night. Then i have put some thoughts on how to deal with these many spectres, shades and shadows. Their defense stats are insanely crazy. High Deflection, Fortitude, Reflex and Will. I rethink my strategy and cornered myself for the best chokepoint available. One Defense Scroll+3 Fan of Flames Scroll with help of Aloth (he has existing 1 Fan of Flames) of casting. With Mystic Caress and thank god for Mental Binding only can i lower their reflex for the Fan of Flames to kick in. Durance is the only one down this time around compared to only left 2 standing in red health (1st time execution was poor).


Anyhow still suxs though as everyone has to use a Burn scroll, otherwise it's really hard to get pass these horrors. Any other tricks for Melee or even Archers to get pass their high Deflection?

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