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Removed Auto-save ( -steam)

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Hi folks! I created (replicated?) a mod that removes autosaving to reduce transition times between scenes.


Nexus Mod Link


Inspired by arxarx no-autosave mod. Since there hasn't been an update for his mod, my impatience grew to a point

where I decided to replicate it (to a degree) myself. All credit to him for creating it in the first place and definitely could not have done

it without Besters PoE Modding Framework. Amazing work by all those who contributed to this great game and community.



Hope it doesn't break your game! :p (jk! Tested fine so far). Have fun! :). Instructions all on the Nexus Link above.



- Crunchynut007




Disclaimer: Any and all modifications to your game files that could result in data corruption/deletion/unintended changes or equivalent are at your own risk.

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