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AntiAliasing---Any plans to implement SSAA?



Let´s talk about AntiAlaising:

  1. Right now you got poorly working MultiSampleAntiAliasing, making it not only quite ineffective, but on top of that also INEFFICENT! Course why would you choose an AA-Method that doesn´t lead to good result?! (that´s no general problem with MSAA, but many of todays engines doesn´t support it very well anymore)
  2. There is a quite popular method to do AA these days: FXAA/ MLAA/ whateverAA, meaning PostProcessingAA. It´s ultra-efficient, but not very effective and tends to blur both imagery and interface when forced via external tools. If you do implement it, it would definitly help folks with poor hardware to get a better image on their screen!
  3. Most important: SSAA. This method tends to cause a big performance hit, but in return it also leads to great image quality. Especially the tiny structures,like the rings of the armors, the feathers, the weapons and so will benefit a lot! An implementation via modders is hard, (well, not really, but a GOOD one is!) but for you, the devs, it should be super-easy! If you don´t know how to do it I´m sure that Nvidia or AMD might help you out and hand in some implementation guide! 

Before somebodys asking: Yes, it is possible to do DSR/VSR/ GeDoSaTo-Downsamling in Pillars of Eternity. Not quite as intuitive as it used to be, but it´s possible. Anyways, these methods are actually working like hacks and mixing up the zooming a little bit, so they aren´t perfect to use in PillE! And they are wasting resources, cause mainly the chars would need to get some SSAA, the backgrounds don´t need the same level

So yep, I´m asking you to implement SSAA on the long way! (not right now, as you´ve got more important thing, but please, on the long term!)

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