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Can we expect soon an update or mod who increases difficulty?

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I've stopped playing at the middle of act 2 because of the untralow difficulty I find in all combats.


Do you know if developers or modders are going to release an update or mod who brings combats to the difficulty we found in BG1/BG2/IWD ect?


I don't want impossible battles, but at least, I want to play challenging (and epic) combats. I won't continue playing until difficulty is raised.


I hope developers take this into acount.


Thanks in advance.

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There already multiple threads on this topic.  The answer is maybe when it comes to official changes and almost certainly when it comes to modding.  The question on the modding front is whether or not the people involved have any idea what they are doing when it comes to game balance.  I think a mod that simply reduces xp from bounties and side quests is something that would probably be hard to screw up though.

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