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[Bug] Driving Flight and Blunderbuss



I'm sorry if this was already posted, I must have overlooked it then - anyways if you take driving flight as a ranger, you blunderbuss will only fire two projectiles until there is one enemy left standing.

I read this somewhere on reddit, but wanted to report it here for good measure. I was quite confused when I took the talent and suddenly my blunderbuss would do nothing anymore :(

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Was about to post it, I can confirm it too.

When Driving Flight activates (so when 2 ennemies are close from each other and aligned), the blunderbuss only shoot one projectile, which will pierce through the first ennemy and then hit the second one. While when Driving Flight conditions are not met, the blunderbuss will correcty fire 6 projectiles.

So in practice taking driving flight heavily weaken the blunderbuss.

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