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So these boots have saved my life more than a couple of times but I still have absolutely NO IDEA what triggers them to activate.


Purchaseable from the crucible knights guy they have a spell holding: concentrated ground, which when it works heals for for a decent amount over a long period of time. The trouble is that it doesnt seem to be an active cast and I have no diea what makes the spell trigger- though i do know it has triggered by itself a few times.


Does anyone know how these boots are supposed to work? is it a bug?

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I think it activates you when you get hit by a crit. Goes off like crazy when I throw them on a Barb.

ahhhhhhh ok makes sense. bit of a shame though given my high deflection low health. I really wish they had bothered to label everything correctly before they released it. How hard is it to say what a spell does after you have made the spell. I mean they programed the item why not say what it does lol

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