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I've seen some comments in several threads and on reddit that Deep Wounds forces a dot damage tick every time it's re-applied.


I just tested the **** out of it, and I can find no evidence of any such thing.


The only thing that gets applied is:


1) first hit applies the DOT as written

2) each subsequent hit refreshes the duration


I found no evidence of anything stacking at all.  What happens is every few seconds, they take 4 damage when the dot ticks.  That's all I've observed.



Maybe my tests are screwy, but I've tested it against enemies and other party members with the same results.  So, if someone knows of a way I can test Deep Wounds to show that it does stack or force a damage tick on hit, please let me know.


Thanks in advance.



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The guy that mentioned that said it doesn't show up in the combat log, but if you test it on one of your own party members you can see what it does to their health before and after.


Yeah, I considered that, and the damage done matches what's in the combat log.


EDIT1: Testing again and paying closer attention.


EDIT2: Yeah, it matches.  Any extra damage is done by dot ticks, but the ticks aren't forced per hit.


EDIT3: Tested again to confirm.  Confirmed.


EDIT4: Verified it does not force a dot tick even per full attack (using a 1h weapon)


Looks to me like this talent is a stinker... adds 1.33 dps and has no synergy with anything.  Cipher makes a better rogue. ;)

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