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Why can"t I name my saved games?

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Is this another "feature" that is catering to the hardcore crowd? I am really trying to enjoy the game that is supposed to be Baldur's Gate 3. I consider myself to be "hardcore" in the sense that I have been waiting for this group of developers to come together and give me a beautiful sequel rather than a shadow of that because they bowed to toxic websites with a heightened sense of importance. I am a fan. So am I too stupid to figure out how to name my own saves or is this a "feature?"

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It's a missing feature ... that makes me wonder whether the developers considered it unnecessary and whether it hasn't come up during the beta...? Perhaps it's expected to add some difficulty? (hehe)  Eventually, after saving more than once on the same map, you've got multiple saves with the same name and just a different time. Even an option to add brief notes would have been great ... in BG I like adding a comment such as "before level up".

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