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So my journal tells me if I wear the robes the enemies will leave me alone on the floor where you meet Nemader or whatever his name is (the guy on the top floor, where you can rest), as long as I speak the right phrase.


But the robes are not working, enemies are attacking me on sight.....its not giving me any option for dialogue except only on one reload the dialogue popped up but enemies attacked me even as I spoke the right phrase.


So I reloaded the game now they are just attacking me on sight, no dialogue no nothing and I am wearing Berathian Robes......


Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? 

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The robes should only prevent the enemies on the upper floor from attacking you.  It works if you just equip them on your PC because that's what I usually do.  You should then be able to just walk by the priests and paladins, though sometimes they will stop you for questioning and if you give them an unsatisfactory answer they will attack you.

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Well, just kill them, it's no big deal unless you are having a hard time with them (if you are then Raedric's group will wipe the floor with you), the head priest through the locked door should be friendly to you.

Didn't you read I have already talked to the head priest?


The combat is annoying thats why I am trying to skip it :(

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