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So I've been holding on to bloodstones, Adras, and whatever you need to enchant items in the hope of finding the best weapon for my 2 handed druid, sword & shield Eder, Arquebus Kana, Staff Durance, and Hunter with a Bow Sagani.


I've been tempted to put on some enchantments but I can only do some of them once (due to lack of ingredients). 


There's always this lingering fear that once you put the enchantment, the next adventure you'll pick up a better version of the item you just enchanted.


My question is when do you choose to enchant your gear? And what level of enchantment are you comfortable to freely enchant onto most of your items?

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You're good to start pretty much immediately. Loot doesn't get all that much better in Pillars of Eternity. At least not compared to other RPGs of this type. That plain suit of armor you found, upgraded to Fine, and gave +3 slashing DR and +2 dexterity to will, when you're done with it, be pretty much as good as anything else you can find, plus you can upgrade it to Exceptional later with no difficulty.


The only thing to watch out for is that unique gear will have some bonuses you can't add yourself, but most of it isn't anything to write home about.

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Curious about the subraces in Pillars of Eternity? Check out 

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Well, the top level enchantments should be saved for top of the line items that fit your particular build. You can only really do 2 pieces of armor, and 2 pieces of weaponry with the limited materials there are.


You can upgrade from any quality enchantment to a better level. So, going from fine to superb is doable, as is fine to exceptional, and exceptional to superb. So, you don't have to worry about it being a one time thing. The earliest components are fairly common, and you can usually enchant a good number of pieces to fine level. Exceptional level components become more common the later it gets in the game.


Other than that, the elemental damage and slayer weaponry enchantments have fairly common components. I typically reserve them for special named gear with special effects, but it's not entirely necessary. They're fairly common.

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