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So I'm going to be making a guide on character creation pretty soon, and I wanted some input on my basic philosophy on character creation:


Tank (Fighter): Perception and Resolve to max, leaving most else at base levels

Temopral DPS (Monk,Ranger,Rogue,Barbarian): Might and Dex to max (In-game tip says monk should focus on const because he needs wounds for his abilities, but why would you ever want your dps character to be in the direct line of fire?)

Magical DPS (Wizard,Cipher,Druid): Might max, 1-1 Dex/Intellect, or straight max might/max intellect

Support (Priest,Chanter,Paladin): Intellect max, then Dex/Cons split? Not sure here. Thinking Dex for action speed (no one wants a slow as hell healer), and cons just to keep them alive a bit longer?



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Priest still needs might for his healing.


After my (limited) play time with PoE, I find my characters rarely fit one role. Well, I guess you could roughly divide all classes between RANGE and MELEE, where range focus on attack speed and power, while melee focus on defence and maybe something extra. But outside of that, classes usually do a combination of things.


For example, Chanters can be either tank-support (with stuns and debuffs) or support-range damage (with the reload chant and other buffs). Paladins are in a similar boat as Chanters. Then there are Wizards and Druids who are crowd control-damage dealers etc. etc. for each class. This usually gives you different ways to build a character.


So for Wizards, you could give up some might for max INT and DEX in order to maximise your AOE and casting time for the CC element, or max MIT and either INT or DEX for the damage dealer focus. For Chanters you can go max INT, PER and RES for tank (dumping MIT and DEX) or go MIT and DEX (dropping PER and taking less INT and CON) for the range support. And so on.


This means when you think of a tank, while INT might not be the first thing you consider and while it may normally be dumped for Fighters, it might be needed for a tank Chanter, Barb or Monk. So I find it hard to say, as an overall rule, which stats are good for which arch-type, without being very, very vague (not so useful for a guide).

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