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Fireball... in many D&D (and other) based games one of my favourite spells. In Pillars of Eternity a disappointment, simply for one reason: its range is too short.


When faced with a group of monsters you only have the following options if you want to use fireball:


- have your fighter agro the lot and then cast fireball on the melee mobs, but you are pretty much only able to do so when they already circled him which means you won't hit them all.

- run in yourself to cast fireball before combat starts, but you'll get agrod and killed before you can run out.

- wait for combat to start and throw fireball at the ranged mobs


So in the cases mentioned above the only safe way is to cast it once combat has already started, which means I'll probably hit 3-5 monsters, but at that rate you're pretty much better off casting Minoletta's Bounding Missiles which does more damage and hits about the same amount of targets.


I get that this is the kind of balance thing; you don't want wizards to cast offensive spells at a safe distance before combat begins, don't buff your party before combat begins, etc. while I do understand that I do feel it's just leaving me with a useless set of tools that I really, really want to use cause it's that concept that I always loved about Wizard classes.


ps : Could anyone please explain to me or point me to a place where I can learn how to create mods so I can increase the distance of fireball myself?

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