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Indepth look at Party. (Full Builds Inside)

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Currently I have 5 character builds below and have not decided on a 6th. So tell me your opinion.


And tell me what you think about the builds below, and yes the barbarian is a very unique interrupting build which is fun!


This is for hard difficulty because PotD is ridiculously difficult and made mainly for min/max groups. And yes I can get 6 chanters to beat PotD easily but that is just not fun.


Pillars of Eternity Characters


Fighter - Fire Godlike

Mig: 19

Con: 9

Dex: 4

Per: 18

Int: 10

Res: 18




2: Rapid Recovery

3: Defender

4: Way Defender

5: Vigours Defense

6: Hold the Line


8: Weapon and Shield Style

9: Critical Defense

10: Superior Deflection

11: Unbroken

12: Scion of Flame


Notes: Strong Weapon for Fire Godlike Passive (Hybrid Tank/Damage)


Paladin - Moon Godlike

Mig: 19

Con: 18

Dex: 4

Per: 10

Int: 17

Res: 10


2: Fires of Darcozzi Palace

3: Zealous Endurance

4: Hold the Line

5:Liberating Exhortation

6: Inspiring Liberation

7: Reviving Exhortation

8: Weapon and Shield Style

9: Reinforcing Exhortation

10: Caution Attack

11: Hastening Exhortation

12: Deep Faith


Notes - Support Tank/Buffer


Rogue - Wood Elf

Mig: 18

Con: 10

Dex: 20

Per: 10

Int: 10

Res: 10


2: Gunner

3: Dirty Fighting

4: Weapon Focus Soldier

5: Finishing Blow

6: Devastating Blow

7: Deep Wounds

8: Marksman

9: Escape 

10: Vicous Fighting

11: Death Blows

12: Any


Notes - Main single target DPS


Priest - Wood Elf (Ranged Accuracy for DPS Spells)

Mig: 18

Con: 8

Dex: 20

Per: 4

Int: 18

Res: 10


2: Scion of Flame

3: Spells

4: Heart of the Storm

5: Spells

6: Bonus 2nd Level Spell

7: Spells

8: Bonus 3rd Level Spell

9: Spells

10: Bonus 4th Level Spell

11: Spells

12: Fast Runner


Notes: Buffer/Nuker (Spell Spammer)



Barbarian - Moon Godlike

Mig: 10

Con: 3

Dex: 19

Per: 19

Int: 17

Res: 10


2: Weapon Focus Knight

3: Savage Defiance

4: Interrupting Blows

5: One Stand Alone

6: Hold the Line

7: Brute Force

8: Accurate Carnage

9: Threatening Precense

10: Two Weapon Style

11: Barbaric Shout

12: Barbaric Blow


Notes: Interrupting Barbarian - Weapon Morning Star
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Geez. It's nice for you to share your party, but I just wanna say that PotD don't necessary needs a custom party. The game is "winnable" with only the companions. UNLESS, you're doing an ironman playthrough.


But yeah, cipher or druid for 6th. Cipher = CC and druid = buffs/debuffs. Up to you.

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