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The Wheel of Life and Death poll. (problems to explore)

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1. Is it an ultimate population control mechanism? I mean, it governs the balance among the races.

2. If one race were to dominate would the wheel yield more souls to that race?

3. Is it possible to transplant souls from amaua to a human, for example?

4. Does each race have their own souls pool or do the souls circulate freely among the races?

5. Do the souls freely inhabit female and male bodies or is there a set proportion?

6. Are there gay souls?

7. Can two souls inhabit a single body and cooperate (aka siamese twins)?

8. Is there a form of soul intercourse, soul pleasure and soul sex?

9. Is it possible conceive a soul if 8 is yes?

10. Are the human traits soul dependant? If yes, can a personality be fixed if another soul is transplanted?

11. Are there rituals (among the less civilized folks) to summon the hero souls into the newborn?

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I see the dreams so marvelously sad


The creeks of land so solid and encrusted


Where wave and tide against the shore is busted


While chanting by the moonlit twilight's bed


trees (of Twin Elms) could use more of Magran's touch © Durance


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Maerwald's soul is was an elf and then a human - I think anyways lol.  It's also established that Persoq's soul went into a stag, so souls are in *all* living things apparently and can pass between all of them. 


Maerwald's second incarnation was the biological son of the first so he didn't change races, I'm pretty sure he was human throughout. He just changed from Glanfathan to Aedyr.

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