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[BUG] Did Not Receive Intellect +1 from Old Vaila



When creating a new PC character yesterday and starting a new game, I noticed a minor glitch during the character creation phase.  I created a Pale Elf Paladin, with a culture choice of Old Valia, which is supposed to grant a +1 Intellect bonus.  However, my intellect attribute score did not increase. 


This is a relatively minor bug, but I did want to report it.


I am attaching my earliest savegame file, my output log, and my dxdiag files.


e2d265d989564e1ba7a2307f276def66 7707322 CilantLs.zip


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Check your character sheet to make sure that:


A) It actually indicates that Old Vailia is your culture, rather than something else, and that

B) It doesn't show the bonus to your Int if you click on your character's Intelligence score.




You can also try creating a new character and then assigning all of your attributes to be 10.  Then, when you get to the culture selection step, look at the attributes shown at the top of the screen and look as they change based on what you select.  What happens when you click Old Vailia?

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Looking at your saved game, everything looks fine:




You appear to have gotten the Int bonus for your culture, and I don't see any missing attribute points.  (4 in Con, -7 in Dex, 6 in Per, 5 in Int, 7 in Res = 15, +1 Int for culture, +1 Dex and +1 Per for race.)

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