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Some suggesions for talents

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A lot of the general talents are just useless. Maybe merge / improve their usefulness. Some examples:


One resistance talent - +10 to all resists (replaces individual useless +10 ones).

Spell Power - +25% spell damage (replaces all the individual elemental ones).

Merge the two health healing talents together into one stronger one that can be used on self or or allies (maybe +150 heath).

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Wreak Havoc (modal) - Toggle to gain +30% AoE size, but -1 movement and -10 accuracy

Channeler (modal) - Toggle to gain +30% Duration on spells and effects, but -30% Action Speed 

Gourmet - The effects of food last twice as long

Glutton - Doubles the effects of food, but the duration is reduced to 33% of normal

Furious Assault - regain 1% Endurance every time you Hit an enemy

Armor Training I, II - reduce the speed penalty from armor by 10%, 20%

Duck and Weave (modal) - doubles the speed penalty from armor, but grants +10 deflection

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