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Vulnerable attack and penetrating shot when weapon damage exceeds 25

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So vulnerable attack and penetrating shot slow down the hit rate by 20% and add 5 damage to each shot by way of dr bypass. Doesn't that mean that you are trading 20% of your dps for a 5 point per hit damage increase, and therefore if 5 is the same or less than 20 % of your weapon damage (ie your weapon does 25 damage or above) it isn't worth it?


I'm sure it isn't right, because despite being a doctor I'm terrible at maths! Could someone talk me through the numbers here, does weapon speed come into it? Ie 20% increase of a fast speed isn't as much as for a slow weapon etc. I'm playing a monk so trying to think if vulnerable attack is superior to 10% from lightning fists or the 6 point ar from peasant weapon class.


Love my monk by the way.

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Vulnerable Attack is very important for a Monk.


It is hard to say exactly where the break-even point for Vulnerable Attack is, because there's more to it than just how much damage your attack does.  There's also the question of enemy damage reduction.  The simplest situation that demonstrates this is when fighting an enemy with no damage reduction: obviously Vulnerable Attack is lowering your dps against this foe no matter how much or little damage your attacks are doing.  Take the other extreme: if your enemy has 30+ damage reduction and your attacks hit for about 25 damage each then you'll be doing minimum damage with Vulnerable Attack on or off...and you're better off without it.


As it happens, however, most of the enemies in the game have damage reduction that falls between those two extremes.  Having Vulnerable Attack on versus those foes is going to increase your dps; the faster your attack rate is the more of an increase it will be.


My suggestion would be to take Peasant weapon class first (higher accuracy translates to fewer misses and more hits and crits), then Vulnerable Attack, and then get Lightning Strikes later if you want.  (The damage from Lightning Strikes is not as impressive as the 10% might lead you to believe, but more damage is always nice.)


Edit: Also, remember that Vulnerable Attack is modal, so you can turn it off if you get into a fight where it is not helping.

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So vulnerable attack and penetrating shot slow down the hit rate by 20%


They slow down the recovery time (which is only one of four parts of your attack cycle, albeit a large part), not your total actual attack time.


The actual game mechanics are obtuse and can't be comprehended by the average gamer.  It would have been better to just remove all numbers and just keep the fluff text for everything (imo).

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Vulnerable attack is very good for dual wielding and fast weapons in general, not just for fists.  Your damage range is around 20 anyways and most opponents have around 5 to 15 DR.  Top this off with the two weapon style talent which negates the negative for vulnerable attack and you're golden.

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