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Can't remember the name of it. It's red and it got with it 2 young dragons and some xaurips...


It's in a cave for a quest related to a female priest in defiance bay.



All my characters are lvl 6, i play on normal. My PC is a tank (not very good but the best in my team), i got Aloth, Eder, Kana, Durance and Sagani...


I tried tactical retreat into a corridor when i can face only the dragon AND one young dragon at the same time, but the xaurips shoot me long range with spells and bows either. With Durance i buffed my PC and Eder (tanks) and healed them, with Aloth i did some AoE behind the dragon to kill the xaurips at least (but it didn't worked, altrough i casted everything i got)... With Kana i buffed the melee and shoot the young dragon and Sagani aimed the young dragon...


OK i'm not going to detail the whole fight but it was some mess. I "hardly-wounded" the dragon at a time but it was already too late. Even if i killed it, the others enemies could have take care of me.



So.................. Any tactics or maybe i shall try later ?

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I beat this at level 5 on hard difficulty... BUT with 6 custom characters. So I can't really help you that much with the party you have. I would say waiting until you can cast level 4 wizard spells will help make it a bit easier.

What I did was position my 3 tanks (chanter, paladin, priest) in the narrower entry way to the wide open area. Then I had my cipher shoot one of the Xuarips and run back behind the tanks.

I had my priest cast Armor of Faith, then use interdiction on all the enemies, then Despondent Blows, then Pillar of Faith, then Iconic Projection multiple times.


I had my wizard cast Chill Fog, Noxious Burst, Miasma of Dull-mindedness, Curse of Blackened Sight, and finally Expose Vulnerabilities, in that order. 


My cipher cast charm on one of the young drakes (didn't work) and then focused on paralyzing the biggest enemy whenever I had enough focus.

My Barbarian was enraged and doing lots of damage with a spear behind the tanks.

So while your party wont be as efficient as mine in this scenario, I think if you put heavy armor and give a hatchet +large shield to someone to act as a third tank you can hold the line while your guys in the back cast their spells and do ranged attacks. The key is those debuff spells my wizard cast, with the PC using the fear aura ability as well as the priests help. Also the wizard should be using arcane assault when they are clustered together around 1/2 way through the fight.

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