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[bug] Custom formation minor bug





Custom formation is based on character index in selection instead of character itself or character index in party. Selecting only some of the party will rearrange formation.


How to reproduce:

1. Make a custom formation:

_ 1 _

2 3 4

5 6

2. Now select only characters 2-6

3. Move selected members a few steps in order to update formation

4. Formation is now (Actual result):

_ 2 _

3 4 5



Expected result:

_ _ _

2 3 4

5 6


How reproducible:



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Not sure if this is a bug. I know party formation in all the old IE games worked like this, so I assumed it was supposed to be like this in PoE as well.


So completely stupid and irritating?  Not sure if emulating that is a good idea.

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