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Is my difficulty bugged?



Since several people reported their difficulty was changed (without it showing in the menu) from Hard to Normal, just to make sure I am still playing on Hard:


My Raedric boss fight consisted of:



2 Archmages

2 Clerics (Beraths Favored or something like that)

4 Paladin Types

2 Archers


Am I on Hard?



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Hey preaCor,


I got you dude. On hard it should be; 1 Raedric, 2 Archmages, 1 Favored of Berath, 1 Bodyguard, 1 Archer, 2 Champions of of Berath, and 1 Paladin of Berath. Normal will just drop one of the Archmages and should change up the spells/abilities used.

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Perfect - then my difficulty is correct. Way too easy for a premade min/max party, but I'll hopefully get my fill of challenge on my 2nd run which is gonna be PotD/Expert/Ironman


Yep, this makes a huge difference, as do levels since there is no level scaling. Like the temple of eothas in gilded vale kicked my ass the first time I went in with just Aloth and Eder, but just two levels more and a full party made it a cakewalk.

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