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Difficulty decrease bug



This bug was before and stay after patch 1.03.


1) Begin game on Hard.


2) Go to ambush in the first location.


3) Save game.


4) Quit game and close Steam.


5) Open Steam and start game. Load previous save.


6) There are 2-1-2 bandits instead 2-3-4, how it must be on Hard.


Any advises/solutions how fix it?

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I additionally tested this issue and it turned out, that here the same trouble if start on normal mode.


While playing, it's ok, the difficulty remain unchanged, but after save/load it ALWAYS drop to easy.


The same issue have another my two friends.


The game is GREAT, but this trouble kill all fun from it.


Please, pay attention to this.



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I'm experiencing similar. Didn't have to save then load though.

Started the game on Easy setting just to get through the first part quicker. Arrived at Gilded Vale and got some companions, then set the game to Hard setting.

Went to kill the wolves, bandits and bears with my companions and the game is still on Easy setting. Just two bandits holding the dwarf, one young wolf near the climbable wall and one weak bear in the cave.

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