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characters left in keep



just checking...

I'm still using 1.02058

was stacking of deflection/damage reduction/statistics/ etc fixed for people you leave in your keep and send on adventures?

I wasn't using the ranger NPC because of the bug with animal companions getting stuck, but I left her with a set of fine enchanted hide armor, and after a couple of adventures, her DR had stacked 7 times to a 15 base.

likewise, I had durance go on a single adventure, and came back to find his priest ring had caused his spell casting numbers to stack, his armor had caused his DR to stack, and his necklace had caused his intellect to stack.

now the stats I can mod down with the console as a workaround, but not the other stuff.

so... was this ALL fixed in the patch?

no more stacking of everything related to abilities and stats when you leave a character out of your party, or send them on adventures in the keep?

because really... at this point it has gone beyond annoying and into the realm of... "screw this, I'll just not use the companions and create custom characters, even though the stories for the companions are quite good".

now this is NOT, repeat, NOT the save/reload on initial hire area bug.  this is stats and abilities stacking when you send your companions on adventures in the keep.

now, I don't plan to patch until at least the next stable patch version is released, so if anyone can suggest a workaround in the meantime, that would be great.


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