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Justin Bell, Justin Bell, I require thine AID my Lord!

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I'm very close to figuring out how to add new voice files for npc's that don't have any dialogue, please help me figure this rest of this out!


For example, the following conversation file belongs to durance:

companion_cv_durance_hub_ashfall_v2.conversation - data\conversations\companions

it contains talknodes that have an id, which you of course know:

<FlowChartNode xsi:type="TalkNode">

I've learned that these talk nodes represent a line of dialogue whether it's voice acted or not.

I found the text for this talk node by opening up the appropriate string talk table file:

companion_cv_durance_hub_ashfall_v2.stringtable - data\localized\en\text\conversations\companions
      <DefaultText>Durance glances at his staff, then at you, and gives a crooked smile. "Can't take your eyes from it?" He chuckles. "Durance himself favored such knotted twists of heat, it was said, no shame in it."</DefaultText>
      <FemaleText>Durance glances at his staff, then at you, and gives a crooked smile. "Can't take your eyes from it?" He chuckles.</FemaleText>

Then I copy and pasted an existing OGG file under the above naming scheme:

companion_cv_durance_hub_ashfall_v2_0052.ogg - data\audio\vocalization\vo wav files\durance

Note the naming scheme and how I renamed it with the number 52 at the end.

Unfortunately in game the voice file did not play. I feel that I'm very close, I just need a small bit of help please.

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