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Well that was disappointing (The End)

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Necrothreadancy in its finest. So, OP's issues from 2015 are one thing, some were even resolved more or less due to patches and expanions, but my biggest disappointment for now is that there are no TWIN ELMS ending slides. I mean, come on! 

There is a Twin Elms ending slide.  It is called ORLAN BABY!!!!


Also guys complaining about instant villain reveal... You do realize the jesus christ holy lord of all CRPG's you guys worship called BGII opens with the very first NPC you meet in the game being the villain of the game?  No kidding, the very first NPC.  So complaining about Eternity revealing the villain after a short intro segment isn't really valid.


At least I had to deal with Sparfel and the fat innkeeper first in the other two games.



Are you talking about me? My "complaint" had nothing to do with the game's narrative--in my game, a bug resulted in some Dialog from Eder popping up before it should have, referencing events that hadn't happened yet. This included the identity of the man you were seeking: Thaos. 


But even so, your comparison to Baldur's Gate 2 is... just ass-backwards. These are two different games with different stories. The plot of Pillars of Eternity is literally *about* discovering who the man in the ruins was, and then hunting him down. His identity is, in fact, a plot point; therefore a bug that SPOILS this plot point is, in fact, something worth talking about. 

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