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Looking for suggestions for a DPS-based fighter, good for RP and somewhat high survivability. I prefer playing as human or wood elf, and I don't care that much for min/max but I don't want to be totally gimped either.


Priority order:

1) DPS

2) RP

3) Survivability

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Not hard to RP with a DPS fighter when Might = DPS = RP'ing Fighter who uses Might skillchecks to get trough conversations , survivability depends on game difficulty alot in lower difficulties you can offtank with high dps fighters where at PotD non tanks just die from damage rly fast . 

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Depends if you are looking for a Tank or a DPS fighter.


DPS you can get a human to








Even though you are looking to min/max Int isn't needed on a pure fighter. It increaes AOE and Duration 2 things bascially you won't be using. YOu won't get Int Role Playing choices but you get them for high Might, Per and Res. Alternatively you can pump Per or Res to 18 and leave the other at 10.


Per,Res just give you better Deflection and Interrupt so its good to pump on fighter.


Take the dual wield talent and a talent for weapon focus on the one-handed weapons you prepare to dual wield. With this build you can even wear the heaviest of armors. While still dealing high DPS.


And if you are going for a 2H Damage Dealer/Psuedo Tank drop Dex to 10. And increase Per and Res to 18 each. You will deal heavy damage just slow. While avoiding damage or the ability to still take a lot of hits.


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@Jimmydabestcop: I would like to go for the 2H-Fighter. What exactly are the benefits of dropping Dex to 10 and maxing Perception and Resolution? Is dex not good for a 2hand-character in general? Will i also be able to wear the heavy armor stuff with my 2hand-warrior?

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It depends what role you want your 2H Fighter to fill. Will he be a tank, damage dealer, or a hybrid? In any of cases I dump Int, really not needed for Fighters. They just don't have enough per encounters abilities to warrant it.


If he is a single role Tank. Then you don't really need might, dex, or int. And can Max Per, Res, and Con. The only reason to keep Int at 10 and not 3 in that case is Will saving throws. You are going to pick all of the defense type talents. Carry the biggest shield etc. So Might not needed because your role is to stand in the middle and take a beating and not dealing damage. You will have the heaviest armor etc.


Now A Straight Damage Dealer. You want to Max Might and Dex. If you have left over points then put them into Per or Res. Probably stay medium armor something with -30/-35% recovery speed. If you already have 2 front liners in the heaviest armors you might be able to go with lighter armor.


A rogue and a barbarian will probably out DPS a Damage Fighter however. But it is personal play style choice. The right Rogue build you can basically crit on over 75% of all of your hits. Its pretty wild.


Now the Hybrid Fighter Damage/Tank. You want to max Might. Dump Int. If needed even drop Con under 10. You can easily boost it back up with items or enchants. You want a high Per,Res for deflection and the rest into Dex. Again there are a lot of Dex items and enchants to make your Dex higher.


I kind of set up Eder like this however I had him Dual Wielding Sabres. Stayed in his starting armor the entire game since you can really enchant it to be good and dual wield talent gives you 20% attack speed. Then the fighter ability lowers armor recovery time by 16%. His second weapon slot I just gave him the large enchanted shield and a really accurate Rapier. In case it was a long battle and I needed a little protection. But he could still deal damage because the rapier plus talents added so much accuracy. Think I boosted Eder with +2 Might and +3 Dex items. Then another +1/+2 Dex from resting bonus. He really needed cause he Attributes are optimally aligned like a character you make.

A 3rd Weapon slot helps the hybrid fighter. So you can start with a Gun. Switch to primary weapon. Then if you need to tank switch to shield.


If you are playing Normal Mode you have so many options and I think it is really hard to mess up the Fighter. Almost anything you will do with him will be good enough.

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