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OSX: Crash on startup after Steam update



For the 2nd time now, I experienced the game crashing on startup on OSX after an update, where it'd run fine before.

The first time, I was lazy, and reinstalled (which fixed the issue), this time I was on a limited bandwidth line, and went a bit deeper before opting to reinstall.


I'd played the game fullscreen on my 1680x1050 MBP 1st of April, it turns out (after the update),  Unity tries to start the game in a senseless resolution; from ~/Library/Logs/Unity/Player.log:

"Switching to 1440x852 fullscreen"


Which causes the game to crash spectacularly with a SIGABRT before we get to a place where we can change resolution/fullscreen option.


The workaround is simple; force the game to use a valid resolution through the standard unity command line parameters, in Steam (for my 2011 MBP) that means right-click -> options -> Set Launch options... as:

-screen-width 1680 -screen-height 1050


Hope it helps someone else to avoid a reinstall until they figure out how to do an update without breaking the resolution settings!

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