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[Bug]Spells are not casting for main character only



Hello everyone!

Epic journey so far, I'm soooo pleased and really loving it.


Stumbled upon something that happened to me around level 2 on Aloth, that I thought was a simple glitch and something that resolved itself back then automaticly by camping. I have no effect on the character right now and the glitch seems to be a bug because its not going away and its on my main character now.


Tried the following: Reloading older save which it seems I have saved the bug on already so that option is gone. I am fully rested, I have switched grims, re-memorized spells and everything else I can think of, it persists.


Problem: The spells doesn't get cast. The wands/scepters/swords all weapons do nothing. Abilitys aswell. In or outside combat, it's the same. I see the graphics for the casting/attack/buff/healing etc and all but then nothing.

The character says 'Uhh that's not supposed to happen' when the spells are not cast. (Odd and quite funny thing if that helps, my main character is helping to debug!)


Anyone else experienced this one?


Some info (software related so guessing my tech is waste of text):

Windows 7 Ultimate

Steam version, fully updated with newest patch.

Im at level 9, the bug appeard at Cliaban Rilag where I went right after completeting the Endless Paths.


Uploading of saved game and log seems to fail at this forum, so here is dropbox links:




Best wishes and thanks in advance,



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It seems this thing, glitch, bug or what to call it is removable by re-installing the game.

(possibly even just re-starting it though as it happens I just re-installed it so I can't be sure)


Hope that helps!

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