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[Bug] Black and white cat accuracy increase



Hey, I've randomly encountered a bug when I equipped Black and White Cat pet found inside the Valtas Manor. This permanently raised both my accuracy scores by 5, and reequipping her stacked this effect up to infinity (or probably int max, haven't tested this behavior that extensively :)).

Reload from last save and ignoring the cat solved everything, but I had to go through the Valtas fight again, so this bug may be a little annoying. Also, I cannot have that adorable little kitten without cheating - such a loss... :'(

Windows version, patch 1.03 from GOG (downloaded today - not sure if that's before or after hotfix)

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I've noticed the same bug, here's a more detailled description:



Apparently, every pet is supposed to improve "Accuracy" by 5, when equipped in the inventory Slot "Pet". For some pets, the accuracy Bonus isn't removed though when unequipping the pet. The following list is incomplete, because I don't have all pets yet.

Pets that work correctly:

-Beagle Dog

-Black and White Cat


Pets that don't work correctly:

-Black Cat

-Black Hound

-Calico Cat

-Yellow Lab


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:

Equip one of the pets from the list above in your inventory slot, remove it and equip it again.



Equip one of the working pets from the list above, to set your accuracy back to its correct value.

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