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Problem with Endless Paths and Caed Nua



Hi. I don't know if this problem has been reported before or not. I notice the problem just after I finished Act II, but it's also the first time I came to Caed Nua after the patch. The problem is I cannot talk with the Administrator, and I cannot enter the Endless Paths through the first level. I still can go downthere by the hatch near the  chapel outside. Also, the map of the eight level is unexplored (and I visited before).


Thanks for your help.

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I'm encountering exactly the same issue. Have just completed Cliaban Rilag and have returned to Caed Nua - the first time I've been since I first completed the Maerwald quest which gives you the stronghold.


But the game is registering as though as I've never been there. The ghost appears outside the keep door saying "Leave our village, we've done nothing to you!", I go inside and one of my characters says something scripted about the throne. I can even collect the Whispers of Yenwood sword again! But I can't interact with the steward and the door is barred.


Something's up. It's really annoying as I was planning on exploring the levels beneath and now I seemingly can't!

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