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Linux graphics glitches/blurry portraits





I have the following glitches/effects with the linux version. Everytime I level up a character the portrait icon becomes extremly lowres/blurry. I couldn't upload the images, always received an error "This upload failed", so I put them on my own site.


See: https://kiza.eu/media/stuff/poe_levelup.jpg


If that happens the main menu looks like this: https://kiza.eu/media/stuff/poe_levelup_2.jpg


The effect is 100% reproducible, saving, restarting the game and loading the save fixes everything.



Creating a new character has the same problem. The chosen portrait is very blurry: https://kiza.eu/media/stuff/poe_newchar.jpg

If the game starts that character portrait is also blurry. Once again, saving and restarting fixes it.



This may be impossible to debug (I'm quite away of that :), but here are relevant system infos anyway:

Radeon 8670D (it's an integrated one in the CPU AMD A10-6700)


It's a Debian 8 (Jessie) with everything updated and the open source radeon driver (_not_ fglrx). So software versions should be around the latest version of most packages. Probably what Ubuntu 14.10 has.


Game version is 1.0 from GOG.

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Addition to the previous post. Graphics glitch also happens if I click on the + to level up, but cancel the process.


Also, various other parts, apart from just the portrait, look strange in different ways, if the problem is triggered.

Journal is darkened: https://kiza.eu/media/stuff/poe_levelup3.jpg

Level up interface: https://kiza.eu/media/stuff/poe_levelup4.jpg

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