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Are quests in order of power level or no, questions..(spoiler)

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So I am lvl 4 and so are most of my companions (I got lvl 3 monk and lvl 3 ranged Rogue). I have two quests which I thought were for lvl 9 or 10. Can I do these succesfully at this lvl?


Assaulting Raedric's hold I got this rather soon.


And going and finding Maelborn or whatever his name is under the keep (Caed-Nua), (endless series?). The talking throne said I have to find him. I really thought this was for much higher lvl.


Sorry if I misspelled the names. I am pretty sure you all know what I am talking about.


I am playing on Normal.

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Raedric's is perfectly doable, but get more companions before you do. Oh, and sneak in the back door, otherwise you'll die horribly.


First level of Caed-Nua also ok. The old man is a bit of a glass cannon. (shoot him or halt him).

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With a full-ish party you can do the first level of Caed Nua at level 3. Personally, when I was rushing my last party through the stronghold to get a couple companions past that, I did the first level at level 3 (full party), and found getting to the Main Hall harder than the old man himself. Raedric's Keep can also be done at level 3.


Both, however, I believe are balanced/intended for level 4 parties. On Normal, however, it shouldn't be a huge issue so long as you're careful and don't just rush head-long. 

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