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When you have a weapon that hits multiple times, like the Blunderbuss, does each hit get considered for interrupting the opponent?


The Blunderbuss says it fires 6 projectiles. and the PoE wiki says "When a character is hit while performing an action ... his action is interrupted if he can't maintain his Concentration", which leads me to believe the Blunderbuss 6 hits would each be counted.


I am asking because of a utility Rogue build I was thinking of. I saw another post saying the Blunderbuss counts 6 times for stuff like Envenomed Strike, so I thought a Rogue with high Interrupt stat, Envenomed Strike, and Deep Wounds would be very effective. High might would not be (as) needed, as you would inflict heavy DoT with DW and ES while stalling the target. 


Anyway, if anyone knows how interrupt and the blunderbuss works together, I would be greatly appreciative. 

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