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Hi everybody


I have a probleme with my Dwarf Character. I wanted to build him in a kind of "tank" spirit and so I have took the talents "hold_the_line" and "defender" .

The probleme is that I think that these 2 talents can't work together:

* hold_the_line : +1 engagement limit

* defender (when active) : +2 engagement limit


I don't think that a single character can have 4 targets active (I'm trying to do some tests to check that but it's not easy to confirm).


When I do this, I have not yet fully understand all the principles of the game, I was a "newbee" original.gif


So I made a mystake, and I want to repair it.

I want to replace my 'hold_the_line" talent, but I also want to play in the "respect" of the game. That is to say, I don't want to use the console command  "AddTalent" without having supressed hold_the_line before.

The main problem is that the console command "RemoveTalent" do not work.


Is there anybody who succeed in using the "RemoveTalent" console commande. Perhaps my syntax is not good, or the parameters are wrong ?


Any Help about "Hold_the_line and "defender" combinaison : +3 engagement limit possible ?

Any Help from the developpers Team or Anybody about "RemoveTalent" console command?


Sorry for my bad english, I'm french.


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Well.... seeing that I'm really disapointed with this "hold_the_line" talent I do not want, I have installed the IE_mod and try the "ChangeClass" command in order to fully re-build my companion.


It works very well, cool but.............. wait a minute .............GRRRRRRRRRRRR.... it has added 4 new abnormal active effects !!!!!

"Attack Hogrim : +10 deviation"

"Attack Hogrim : +10 Volonty"

"Attack Hogrim : +10 reflex"

"Attack Hogrim : +10 ..." (I do not remenber)


I precise that the name of my companion is "Hogrim".......


Is there any one having an idea to clear these active effects I do not want !!!!!

I do not want to cheat and I so do not want this bonuses !!!!

I just want to replace my bad choice hold_the_line talent...... :(


help, thanks

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