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Is this an unmentioned bugfix or new feature in the 1.03 patch?

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First thing I did today after downloading the patch was to check the map--and, huzzah! It's functional now--but I quickly noticed something else that greatly improves my experience with the game: the maximum zoom levels have been increased.


I read through all of the patch notes yesterday and didn't see any mention of the camera--so is this a feature change or bugfix that they forgot to include in the 1.03 notes, or is this in and of itself a bug (either a bug that prevented me from zooming in pre-1.03, or a bug that enables me to zoom in more post-1.03)?


My maximum zoom went from this:



To this:


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I don't think the game is zooming as far at 4K resolutions, still looks pretty tiny.  It looks great on a laptop though.


Please sirs, I would like more zoom regardless of what's being rendered, because I am sitting 4 feet away from a TV.

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