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Closing the door in Lady Webb's Room will cause you to become locked in.


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I tested this out and had the same problem with both the doors mentioned with v1.0.3.0526


In the case of the Brighthollow door, I was able to locate a specific place where you can stand to be able to open the door:



Notice the character near the spine of the door.  You can't see the cursor in this screenshot, but it has changed to the open/close icon, and clicking on the door from this position will open it.


I was not able to find a position that would allow me to open Lady Webb's door, however.


In any case, opening doors should be a trivial matter not dependent upon where you stand (ie if you are too far away then your character should automatically walk over and open the door when you click on it).  Hopefully the devs will see this and fix it.

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Not for any but for some doors. I used to close doors before robbing the places (shame on me) and only a few doors have these issues. Another door is the one to the Elder Archive.



should have said most does, seems if you are behind the door, its not always possible to open it again, seems to be linked to the fox of war, and a silly oversight to be sure.

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