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Is there any way to save Defiance bay? Every result for the conversation leads into it BURNING and Me not able to come back...

I DID almost 100% of the quests, the ones i missed would result me joining that family (so about 2 total quests missed)


WTF How do i stop the REVOLT! I dont want it to BURN! -=(((( i even tried going against anomancy 100% and vote it down, still the PLACE BURNED! =(

Anyone managed to save it and prevent the assassination!?!?!?!

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Don't panic. You'll be able to go back in due course and finish all those quests.

"All of life’s lessons come with a price…
We may learn a lesson, and things may get better in the end…
So that’s the trade off…life experience for exhaustion… wisdom for innocence.
There may be a happy ending to our stories…
but we paid for that with little pieces of our souls and we will never get those back."

-Austin Lunn


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LOL not panicing, was realy really really hoping that there was a way to save my fellow casters =( lol

i support what their doing...including the animal experiments...just wish there was a way to stop the assassin lol...

Hmmm im on act 3 about half way done...when do i get to come back to the city? (Just making and processing videos takes time and i cant play while processing so i am behind, plus trying to cover every quest and task lol)

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