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Defiance Bay reputation not increasing (patched to 1.03)



not sure if this is a bug but I have not seen my reputation for Defiance bay increase for a long time, currently it shows Ally (faintly good) -- even though I have had several boosts since hitting that level -- I also just finished the cinders of faith quest and received a extrodinarily positive boost and it's still sitting at that.


I'm guessing I need to to update in order to complete Eder's questline (unless I strongarm the scholar for the records)

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yeah I will keep at it -- I have had at least 5 or 6 increases though and never gotten past where it's currently sitting, and the last one was "Extraordinarily positive" but you never know -- I also haven't hit the first main quest marker in Act 2 so maybe that has something to do with it as well.





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i got the same issue, which honestly i guess is a bug.

I completed the cinders of faith quest and i got as result "extraordinary positive reputation" in the text screen, still looking the character sheet i see neutral with the bay, as i was before.

I guess its weird cause previously for other locations/villages i saw the reputation changing according to the quests done, even little changes were visible in the char sheet.

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i have the same problem on Linux v1.0.3.0530.







Player log saying "DefianceBay reputation changed on the Positive axis (VeryMajor)":





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