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The problems/bugs/glitches i ran into after patch 1.03



Hello there!


I wanted to show you the (minor) issues i've had so far after patch 1.03:


1. Unable to upgrade armor sets to exceptional: I have the Sun Touched Mail of Hyran Rath on Éder and Äru-Brekr on Kana, both chars are lvl 8, I have all the ingredients and there's still open slots ( 0/1 Quality Enchantments and 8/12 "anvil"-points, don't know what to call them) on both pieces of armor but i cannot enchant them since the game tells me, that they already have the maximum number of enchantments which is clearly not true.

 (I tried to attach a screenshot.....but this forum just won't let me upload anything....kinda sucks)


2. Stronghold guards get "currently unpayed" status every time i load a savegame.


3. The inventory icon of the hatched called Hearth Harvest is double-sized - covering up  more than its intended little square.


4. Random loss of items: I only know of one item that has gone missing from my backpack for sure and that would be the Drinking Horn of Moderation or what it's called. It used to be there all the time and now it's gone. I'm relatively sure that more stuff has gone missing but I've lost track of those items.


5. Stronghold actions seem to be bugged for me: one action description is blank only saying "tVisitor description" and the mission doesn't really seem to work either. I can send a companion on this mission and the description sort of duplicates in the list and then fails the next turn because my chosen hero was withdrawn from mission and is just idling around.


I guess that's it so far!

Has anybody had the same issues so far? Any solutions?


thx for your attention.


Edit: Oh, I could provide the screenshots from my Steam Community page though: http://steamcommunity.com/id/FeckOuh/screenshots/

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I may add:


After every single battle I have to put off and on again boots and gloves on one character which adds a speed bonus. The speed bonus stays until I run into the next fight. Transition between screens however is no problem for the speed bonus.


edit: seems that talking to someone also breaks the speed buff.

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