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Never Far From the Queen quest hasn't initiated



I have killed Maerwald and had the conversations with the throne up stairs, I have built the eatern barbican and been able to continue on and complete side quests BUT the main quest has not progressed.  I dont have the Never Far From the Queen quest and my journal hasnt updated with anything about the death of Maerwald or anything similar.  


I cant progress any further as it currently stands.  Please help....

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I have exactly the same problem. Started searching around after about 20 hours of play time to see where the main quest was and I realised I was suppose to get this. 


Nothing in my Journal though :( 


Does anyone know why it happens? Is it a bug or did I miss something when killing Maerwald? I've been back to chamber and talked to the Stewart, but nothing seems to get the quest going. 


If I just keep doing the quest objectives without actually having the quest, does anyone know if you can get to the next part of the main quest instead?

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Did you do anything with Maerwald's soul after killing him?

I honeslty can't remember. I do remember heading up after the scene and fight with him and had the finishing talk with the throne lady where she told me to build the eastern barbican. There was just never a quest for it.

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