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  1. oh no, another one where its in the old game, and one has to fiddle around to get to play the DLC, I should never have gone for the season pass, too much trouble. Will all DLCs be like this?
  2. Very nice indeed. But I am baffled, as I am not understanding how to start this DLC, nor do I seem to find any information on how to start it.
  3. I have the same problem, I have played for 37 hours and now I can not get anywhere. Try to retrace to Od Nua Level 1 but no luck. Stuck with no luck. I would hate to have to start up the game from scratch again. Please help with a fix or workaround.
  4. Opposite to an other post here, I actually find the game too much like BG. Not long ago I played the enhanced BG and while fun, I could really feel that time had not treated it as nice as we would wish. Playing this beta, I feel a little the same, great graphics, but too much stuck in the past. (and I know a lot of you want it that way). Now, I am not trying to say, to make another Dragon Age, I am simply saying that there are improvements in gamings since BG. Take some of the new adventure games that are being made, they have a lot of improvements compared to classics like ZakMcKraken, bu
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