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Big thumbs up to Obsidian.

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I haven't been this pleased with a game in a long time. Hours just flew by as I was playing it today and I didn't really accomplish much in the game, which speaks volumes. There's so much to do and see and read. I enjoy the combat, it's a throw back to the games I grew up with. I love the deep conversation trees and the lore. While so many RPGs have started to dumb down in those arenas in order to go mass market and appeal to the more casual crowd, Pillars has come along and really filled the gap for me (along with Wasteland 2 and Divinity).


Did the game come out of the gate perfect? No, it didn't. I had to restart after 13 hours due to the double click to equip bug. But, honestly, it was no big deal to me, I was happy to go back and experience this world again. Yeah, it sucks that Obsidian missed that, and I'm not excusing it. But for me, after the AAA games that dropped at the end of 2014...unfinished and buggy as all hell...after Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series and its rampant bugs...after waiting months for Wasteland 2 to become playable...this was no big thing. Obsidian did a pretty remarkable job and released, as far as I can tell, a thorough patch addressing the major issues within a week. Sure, they'll be balancing classes and stuff for the next few months, but I'm a happy camper and can't wait to see what else this world has to offer. 

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Yeah, I'm truly loving it. While I really do enjoy a lot of the big modern AAA RPGs like Mass Effect and the later Dragon Ages, there's so much depth and greatness in games like Pillars. The Bioware games have characters and interesting social explorations going for them, but a game like Skyrim - while it did indeed give me loads of hours of enjoyment - really ultimately disappointed me in just how shallow it is. Pillars is like the perfect antidote to that.


I've never actually played Baldur's Gate (I've played and adored Planescape: Torment, really enjoyed the first 2 Fallouts, and probably tinkered with some other CRPGs I can't remember), but all the comparisons I've read between Pillars and it make me want to go and try it out sometime. I might pick up the new enhanced editions next time they go on sale.


I was affected by a few of the early bugs with Pillars as well, but my enjoyment of this game has mainly been from the music, atmosphere, story, lore, dialogue, writing and characters, less so the combat (although it is enjoyable strategic at times, I'm not a very skilled player at combat in games period)...but it was great to see the patch coming out really quick, especially at this busy Easter time of year.

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Honestly I expected an almost completely different game - I purposefully didn't do that much reading about the game prior to release, excepting when they had stuff for backer types to vote on and talk about. 


That's not to say I'm at all unhappy with what I got - I was pleasantly surprised to be honest lol.


I was expecting a game that was a sort of IWD/BG1 hybrid and I ended up getting FAR more story/plot and NPC interaction than I bargained for.  I also got a game that was a lot more grim than I expected, but that's not a bad thing.  The game also has so *much* stuff in it, I mean yeah, the game itself doesn't have 80 cities in it or anything, but there's a lot going on here from all the different classes, dialogue reactivity, the crafting system, etc, etc.   I don't really know where I'd rank it amongst the IE games or even amongst games from Obsidian that I've played (I have a HUGE soft spot for kOTOR II, I don't really know why, but I love that game beyond all reason), but it's certainly damn good. 

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