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I like it. Two thumbs up.

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I've had an absolute blast playing through Pillars of Eternity. I hope this franchise has a good long life span. I will be interested to explore future installments revealing more about this giant mysterious world.


My feelings toward the game are mostly quite positive. Great art design, superb combat system, good musical scores, engaging (if simple) roleplay mechanics, and an interesting story.


The voice acting was average -- at times, mediocre -- and a lot of the dialogue seemed bland and clunky. I really struggled to care about my NPC companions. But I'm inclined to forgive these flaws. The writers were trying hard (too hard, ultimately) to achieve perfection. I'll gladly take that over lazy writers crapping out nonsensical garbage (like the WoW team does).


So I'll vote with my wallet as soon as it's an option and buy the next product in this franchise. Keep up the great work, Obsidian!

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