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Sleeping in Brighthollow (suggestion)

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Sleeping in Brighthollow isn't nearly as good as resting in taverns with major bonus to attributes. Since you are investing a lot of money in your keep, I think it would be a great idea to stack some bonuses when sleeping in Brighthollow. But you only get a second bonus when you build the Hearth and a third bonus when you build the Pool.


That way, you make use out of those upgrades and make sleeping in Brighthollow better than in a tavern (and that mansion is quite more comfortable than a tavern room).


And the best part of it is that people should be able to choose the attributes they want to stack up. So if you have all the buildings in the keep, you could sleep and get +1 intelligence, +1 perception, +1 resolve.

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Totally agree. There are some pretty odd decisions like this with the Stronghold. Hopefully the devs keep tinkering with it post-release. The great patch that came out today would seem to bode well for such things.

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