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[Bug] Reckless Assault Graphical and Sound Issue



On top of the bug detailed here, I noticed on my protagonist rogue that Reckless Assault will lose its purple activation glow and activation sound.  To create the bug I had saved my game with Reckless Assault active, then upon reloading that save the bug occurred when I tried to deactivate and re-activate the skill.  The skill bonuses and penalties still register in the combat log and on the character sheet.  I made a save where the skill was not active before saving, reloaded, and the skill's activation and deactivation worked just fine sound-wise and graphic-wise.


I tried attaching the save file with the bug but for some reason I cannot.  Do I need permission to upload or something?  Love the game guys.  Keep it up.   




Seems like the bug isn't exclustive to Reckless Assault.  Same thing was recreated with with Edar and the skill Defender.  It's possible that this extends to all modal skills.

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