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Gamebreaking bug in Visions and Whispers



There's a potentially gamebreaking bug in Visions and Whispers.

If the player does not sleep in the inn and obtains the dream to find the dwarf hanging from the tree (Caldara De Berranzi), and then completes the "Lord of a Barren Land" quest, the bodies in the tree will disappear, and the main questline can no longer be completed, and will prevent the player from ever reaching Caed Nua.


Additional Notes: I went with Kolsc, and killed Raedric.


Possible solution: Move the corpse to the graveyard, and have an NPC point out where the corpses were moved to, allowing the player to continue. The trigger allowing the dream must of course also be re-enabled if this is the case. This is just a suggestion though.

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This just happened to me on my triple crown save. I'm so screwed. Pleaseeeeee fix! I won't delete the save after all the countless hours I've put into it but as I only have one save I don't have any way of progressing now. A fix like the one suggested would let me move on without breaking lore or tainting my pristine save with dreaded console commands. If there's even a command for completing a quest or talking directly to an npc directly.


Edit: Details listed below-

Decided I wanted Triple Crown with perma fatigue/no resting. Figured I'd be forced to rest eventually but decided I'd save it for when I absolutely had to since no resting immediately makes each use of "per rest" items like the figurine clutch and invaluable as they are not spammable at the start of every cave or small room. So I put off resting so I could milk my one additional cast of my figurine for when I absolutely needed it (aside from the spore cave sidequest.. I'll likely need it there lol). Completed the Lord of a Barren Land quest by killing Raedric (kiting in the throne was possible by running to his dead wife's room- kiting Kolsc in his small hut without "wasting" my figurine was not, so my decision was made for me lol). Once I realized I was out of things to do I decided I had to rest to progress, that this was the forced moment I was avoiding, and so I closed my eyes at the inn and... BOOOOOOMMM. Nothing. Nadda. Zilch. Zip.


Only time in my life I can say I was not only disappointed, but utterly crushed, to not be visited by a withered crone in my dreams.




My suggestion for a fix requires like two lines of code and a few lines of dialogue. Run a check after Lord of a Barren Land completion- If Visions and Whispers is not active then everything is as it currently is. Villagers gather at the tree and make comments on how the removed corpses will get buried (scripted event "A" lets say). If Visions and Whispers is still active- corpses are still in trees but the villagers' dialogue is along the lines of "We can finally give these poor souls a proper burial once we get them down." etc (scripted event "B" lets say). After you complete Visions and Whispers in scripted event "B" then you'll change it to "A" upon resting again or coming back to Gilded Vale from another world map location.

Doing it this way won't require additional assetts or even a lot of effort or time =)

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ForceAdvanceQuest will only advance the quest past the dream itself and not past talking to Caldara in the tree.

NPC_Caldara isn't available to add to the party or interact with at all after being removed from the tree.


However if you want a quick fix you can use these console commands-


FindCharacter (YourMainCharacterName)

This will give you the ID for your player (most of the time it will be Player_(YourMainCharacterName) but other times it's Player_New_Game(Clone)_0 for whatever absurd reason).


AddAbility yourplayerID crucible_of_the_soul

This will give your hero the watcher ability he would have received at completion of Visions and Whispers.


AddExperience 501

This adds 501 experience points for talking to compensate for not being able to talk to Caldara in the tree. The quest line awards 249 for having the dream and 501 for speaking to Caldara for a total of 750 combined exp at quest completion(at least from my solo player experience, not sure if this value is different with companions).


StartQuest cp_qst_the_old_watcher

This will start the next critical_path (story) quest that is normally received immediately after completing Visions and Whispers.


Essentially by running these console commands you will have received everything you would have by actually completing the quest. If you were like me and decided to avoid resting the first time until even after Lord of a Barren Land's completion then you could either increase the AddExperience 501 to 750 to allow for the 249 received from the dream portion or use ForceAdvanceQuest data/critical_path/act_1/cp_qst_becoming_watcher.quest to advance the quest past the dream cycle and receive your exp that way. I say this is a temporary fix because, as with any game-breaking issue that is publically announced, a fix will eventually happen to prevent this, remedy this, or just cover it up in extra code. What this means for people who use this method to fix it though is that we may possibly be awarded the exp for completing the quest later or have some negative effect from whatever fix that is deployed. Hopefully their fix will include a check though to first see if the Old Watcher quest has been started and, if so, just mark the Visions and Whispers quest as already completed (without reawarding exp/skills again or attempting to rehash up the Old Watcher quest lol).

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