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SO ive only got a few hours with the new patch and ive got to say wtf... so many stealth nerfs were in it im genuinely considering reverting to the old patch. The one that annoys me the most is the huge changes that some items have undergone. I mean if this is how balanced they are supposed to be then why the hell were they so much cheaper in the last version? bronze figurine has had its cost has increased by a factor of 10, it hasnt gotten 10 times better it is the exact same item its like the devs suddenly thought 'you know what i only just noticed but bronze figurine is actually really OP, lets wack the price waaaaay up' This and the dissapointer is now worth basically nothing. I dont think that the new prices are wrong as such i just think is crazy how much the values changed. I mean did they not do any balance testing prior to release at all???? I mean i sold the disappointer on my very first character and thought it was a nice little easter egg, a worthless gun that sells for loads. Why the total 180 in balance? At some point in development someone decided to set the prices as they were and it feels like that person just got fired and replaced by someone who is much more stingy with money.


Rant over- more on topic what can i do now for early game gold. The figurine was really important for solo play, even going on a killing spree and selling everything i dont think i can afford 6000 gold, and if i do ill be gimping myself in terms of buying anything else, i mean fair enough it is probably worth more than any other early game item but now i just dont see how i can afford it at all

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didn't see that the increased the horn price...


if it is really true? the horn summon was a "weak" off tank with heal option to get flanking bonus or somethink to bind enemies for 2-4 seconds in PotD Solo runs, to skip a bigger trash mob group.


...but for 6000 overpriced and worthless...when you need it, the first 5 level, you cannot buy it....and after level 5, only his heal stays, all the rest vanished because of damage numbers and low HP on him.

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