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I've been testing various builds and I can't really see any difference between attack speed with fast-slow weapons. What's more, getting as much as 20 dexterity makes absolutely no difference too. That +30% attack speed in character stats is just text - all characters are still epic slowpokes. Well. maybe some are slow and others are even slower... Is this really how is supposed to be? Ofcourse this is not a D&D on infinity Engine, but still this fells very-very strange. When a wizard with average dexterity attacks with the same speed as rogue with 20+ dexterity it seems like there is no point at all in building fast characters - they are just not fast whatver you do. Lol, sometimes caster manages to cast two spells faster than that rogue makes two attacks.Really??? :facepalm:


PS when searching before didn't get any result, now the needed thread is up so i'm going there http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72272-combat-mechanics-attack-speed-recovery/

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Action Speed is not Attack Speed. Action Speed makes the animations for an attack or spell go faster (so you would cast a spell almost instantly instead of concentrating for 2 seconds). The wait between attacks is not affected by Dexterity.

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