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Need help for PotD PC: Off-tank Paladin (high single target damage - mediocre buffs/aura's)

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Hi people,


I've been contemplating upon my paladin built. Rest of party will comprise:


Cypher (ranged dmg dealer - wood elf)

Druid (Death Godlike, aoe / nuker / cc)

Priest (Buffs / Support)


Chanter (Main tank - aoe buffs)

Monk (DPS Off-tank)


So for my paladin I'd like to go Darcozzi or Goldpact (either one is ok) - Human (this is set)

I'd like my paladin to be a moderate buffer for my party




Which attributes moderate the;


1) Strenght of aura's / abilities (seems to be static and not moderated by might)

2) AOE range of ability (it seems to be static and not moderated by intelligence)
3) Duration of ability (idem dito -  intelligence)


Furthermore, it seems that perception (high) has a chance to interrupt enemies; since I'd like to be the ultimate single-target hitter (big blows), would it be viable to max Might, Dex and Perception, dropping Resolve (seems least important in regard to offensive abilities)), Intelligence (seems not / moderately important (if it affects aura's range and duration) and Constitiuon (be kept at moderate level)?


Please give me your thoughts, have been in character creation for hours ;)





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1. Damaging abilities are modified by might.

2. AoE is modified by intelligence. But Paladins don't really have AoE's.

3. Intelligence, again.


This is all readily available in the descriptions of the attributes yourself.


Perception gives +3% chance to interrupt enemies with a value equal to your weapon's interrupt rate. Heavier, slower weapons interrupt for longer. Interrupt is countered by concentration. A d100 is rolled to determine interrupt whenever hit. 1-50 doesn't intterupt, 51-100 does interrupt. Every point of perception adds three to that roll.


Max might and dexterity for damage. Lower resolve before you lower perception. You don't need much perception, but you don't want to treat it as a dump stat because of your paladin aura.


This game isn't hard. Just pick something and get in game -- especially if you're just playing on normal or hard.

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Well I started on hard and didn't find it too much of a challenge.


Furthermore, as you might have noticed I know what Might, Dex, Int, Res, Con and Per modify, but find it unclear whether paladins abilities are affected by it.


Thanks for the reply but I meant that attributes relative effect upon Paladin's abilities, not in general.


The d100 role example clarified a lot.

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Paladin aura's are in fact modified by your intelligence score. It's just not a huge difference.

"Wizards do not need to be The Dudes Who Can AoE Nuke You and Gish and Take as Many Hits as a Fighter and Make all Skills Irrelevant Because Magic."

-Josh Sawyer

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