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Various bugs I've encountered



Hello, I did read the post regarding file attachments, however, I have been keeping a document open while I play and just recording bugs without making saves when they occured, so I have nothing to attach...sorry.  Many of these bugs are general occurences rather than ones in specific situations so I'm not sure how useful that'd have been anways.  I'm sure some, if not many, have already been reported, so I'm sorry for any unintentional repostings.





-Skaen is in the wrong area of the cyclopedia, it should be in deities instead of lore.


-Edge scrolling on quick save results in the camera continuing on in that direction.


-Wizard's arcane assault is not gauging distance properly, constantly forcing the caster to get way too close.


-Many of the backer NPCs, lone ones in particular, can be killed to get decent equipmentespecially in the beginning of the gamewithout any reputation loss/hostility from surrounding NPCs.


-Sneaking into and out of the archives in the temple of Wael doesn't turn the NPCs in the temple hostile until you re-enter the building, despite the guard seeing you enter and exit, which, when done in other areas where you're not supposed to enter without permission, immediately makes all the NPCs hostile.


-The Doemenel Servant in the bedroom across the hall from Gedmar's room can be killed without reputation loss/hostility allowing the chest and cabinet to be looted.


-There is no way to delete notes, or at least no documented way to do so.


-If the screen doesn't have the NPCs in frame you can't hear them bantering.


-The mugged noble outside of the Salty Mast disappeared upon reloading a quick save, leaving only the puddle of blood.


-Upon initially entering the Salty Mast, Kana's spoken line doesn't have a voice over, whereas the other NPC's quips do.


-Stash is not restricted when inside Ramshackle House in Odra's Gift (where Aefre is)


-Taking notes in the journal occasionally wont type keys bound to UI shortcuts, instead it performs those functions, dispelling the journal, or reopening it if the journal hotkey was pressed.


-Fulvano's amulet doesn't grant the bonus to healing it is supposed to, however, it does change the amount healed in the descriptions of the healing spells. Also, it doesn't change the amounts healed in the spell descriptions back to their unaltered amounts when removed.


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